Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As I watch the democrats and personnel of certain networks (MSNBC and CNN) salivate over a story that Trump was trying to obstruct justice, I shake my head in disgust yet again.

Yet another non-sourced story has appeared with this one stating that F.B.I. Director Comey was taking notes during a meeting he had with President Trump. The non-sourced story states that Comey wrote down that the president stated "I hope you can let it go" in regards to the General Flynn investigation. As president, should have he uttered these words? No! But right now, we do not know if he did. We only know there is a non-sourced story stating Comey wrote down that he did. So now the democrats want a special prosecutor? Seriously?

I hate to delve into speculation, but let's say for the sake of argument the president did say it. We do not know the full context of it. Maybe he meant he hopes the FBI can let it go because there is nothing there? Either way, the democrats and the maniacal TV personalities want a criminal investigation based on a non-sourced story of words that may have been uttered and have been outright denied by the President of the United States?

Let's turn the clock back a few months to the Hillary Clinton email server scandal. Hillary Clinton was Secretary-of-State. She took deliberate actions to setup a private server in her personal residence. It was not secure and yet she used it for all her email communications with staff and foreign diplomats. It was stated that classified material was found on many emails and that the email server was probably hacked by foreign entities. She had her mobile phones smashed with hammers. She used special software (BleachBit) to wipe out thousands of emails that she claimed were about yoga and bridal plans. (This was proven to be a lie.)

A week before the FBI was to come forward with that they found in their criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton and the Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch, the person who would decide whether to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, had a secret meeting on a runway in Phoenix. They met privately on the A.G.'s plane for 30 minutes. The president's plane was supposed to have taken off, but he stayed when he found out Attorney General Lynch's plane was landing at the same airport so this meeting was no accident. They later claimed that all they talked about for 30 minutes was grandchildren and golf. Really? Does anyone believe that?

What was the reaction from the democrats to this meeting? "Nothing to see here!" The left-leaning networks had the same attitude. The worst thing you would hear from them is that the "optics" of the meeting were bad, but that the meeting would have no effect on any decisions by the attorney general. (It is OK to laugh at this point.)

So to the democrats in congress, a few words from a non-soured story along with a complete denial from the President of the United States is far worse than actions taken by Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch?